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Congressional Internship Program

2021 Virtual Internships will be offered in Congresswoman Sewell’s Washington, D.C. office as well as her District Offices in Alabama located in Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and Selma.  A congressional internship gives deserving students the opportunity to experience first hand the inner workings of a Congressional office.



What happens during a Washington, D.C. Congressional Internship?

Each intern will spend four weeks working virtually with the Washington, D.C. office of Congresswoman Terri Sewell. Interns will participate fully in the duties of the office and assist with constituent correspondence, research, and other tasks as assigned.

What happens during a District Office Congressional Internship?

Each intern will spend six weeks working with one or more of Congresswoman Sewell’s offices in Alabama’s 7th District-- Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and/or Selma. Interns will participate fully in the duties of the office, assist with programming, and work directly with constituent service. District Office interns may be asked to come into the office for some meetings or special events.


Who is Eligible for a Congressional Internship?

Any undergraduate student currently enrolled in college with a 3.0 GPA or higher who is a resident of Alabama’s 7th Congressional District is eligible to apply for the Congressional Internship Program. Students may attend an accredited college or university located anywhere, but must have direct ties to Alabama’s 7th Congressional District.


How are Interns Selected?

Interns will be selected based on academic performance, leadership abilities and demonstrated financial need. Computer and office skills are also a requirement for selection. Candidates will be interviewed by the Board of Directors of The 7th Project. The selection of interns will be made on a non-partisan basis.


Are Internships Paid Positions?

The internship is an educational opportunity. Each Washington intern will receive a $1000 stipend. Since this year’s internship program will be held virtually, housing expenses will not be covered.   District interns will receive a $1000 stipend as well.


When are the Internships?

Applications for Virtual District Office Internships are accepted year-round.  Applicants should indicate their beginning and ending dates of availability to work, and positions will be filled on a rolling basis.  Each district internship session is a minimum of six weeks long. For 2021, we are also seeking interns with the following specialties: photography and digital.


Each Virtual Washington Office Internship session is a minimum of four weeks long.  The first session will be held in June 2021, and the second session will take place in July 2021.  


Applications to be considered for summer internships are due by February 26, 2021.  Successful applicants will be notified in late March. All selected applicants must attend a one-day virtual training seminar in May.

Our Mission

 Internship Alumni

Garrett Stephens

“Being blessed with the opportunity to work in Congresswoman Sewell’s office was an invaluable experience. I had opportunities to take part in projects and attend events that I never could’ve done elsewhere. I made lifelong friends and grew my network tremendously. Interning in her office taught me skills that I will use no matter where my career takes me. I am truly thankful for being a part of that amazing experience thanks to the 7th Project.”

Jonathan Carlisle

“As a political science major immersed in the idea of Congress and what goes on within it, I initially thought that I had a firm grasp of how our government worked. However, I was sorely mistaken. The 7th Project afforded me the opportunity to experience Congress first-hand and it opened my eyes to not only the realities of being a public servant, but it also opened my eyes to the many pieces of support that keep our government running from day to day. The internship was an invaluable experience that I would not have been able to gain by just reading a textbook.”

Clarence Sutton

“Working for Congresswoman Sewell has been an awesome experience. By being around people so dedicated to service throughout the 7th District I was able to grow and develop skills that have not only impacted me professionally, but have developed my character as well. As an intern I was able to engage with constituents on various levels. I was provided with the opportunity to sit in on many different meetings and hearings on the hill. Prior to my experience with Congresswoman Sewell I had always believed “the sky is the limit” was a cliché statement. However, after my experience with the 7th Project, I honestly believe it’s true."

Kenyada Posey

“As a first generation college student and the daughter of a single parent, I faced many challenges, but I always looked to women like Congresswoman Terri Sewell for motivation and morale. That’s why I was so honored to be selected by The 7th Project for a Washington internship. The internship has not only propelled my career as a political science student, but it has also allowed me to become more confident as a young black woman in politics. My experience has helped me to encourage others in Alabama’s 7th District to believe they too can achieve.”

Amanda Robinson

“Working in Congresswoman Sewell’s office was a wonderful experience. Most Congressional internships consist of answering phones and sorting mail, but in this office you are given significant opportunity and assigned projects with real substance. I was also able to attend committee briefings, research policy issues, and meet other high-ranking members of Congress. Congresswoman Sewell spent one on one time with every intern and made sure we had valuable takeaways from the experience. I’m thankful to The 7th Project for giving me this opportunity.”

Wesley Dismuke

“The 7th Project Association provided me with an awesome opportunity to serve the people of the 7th District of Alabama. Congresswoman Terri Sewell and her staff allowed me to have a full, hands-on experience, while making sure that I was able to be exposed to all facets of Capitol Hill. I performed tasks such as: listening to constituent concerns, drafting press releases, giving tours of the capitol, and assisting legislative staff with research. I was also able to get a more in-depth understanding of Congress by attending Congressional committee hearings and briefings. As an aspiring public servant, the opportunity afforded to me by the 7th Project Association was invaluable. I would encourage any college student interested in public service to take advantage of this opportunity and all that it has to offer.”

Erin Alexander

“Having also worked as an intern in the Alabama State Legislature, the 7th  Project Association provided a wonderful opportunity for me to gain a behind the scenes perspective into the workings of the federal government.  The experience really opened my eyes to new career possibilities, and I was able to work on a Senate campaign because of connections I made in Washington.  I strongly encourage other young people from Alabama’s 7th District to take advantage of this opportunity to network and grow professionally.”

Akiesha Anderson

“On the first day of the internship I instantly became a part of the team and immersed in an environment characterized by hard-work, dedication, and an overwhelming commitment to serving the constituents of Alabama’s 7th District. I was able to assist and be a part of every level of constituent engagement: from listening to constituent concerns, drafting letters, attending community meetings, and coordinating a job fair. Words alone are insufficient to describe the benefit that I personally received from such an experience, for there’s no comparison to being able to go home each day knowing that my contributions to the team mattered and helped make a difference in the lives of constituents!”

Elexia Coleman

"Congresswoman Sewell is very passionate about interns, and always made sure that we had an active role in every one of her staff's biggest projects.  She also graciously allowed us to sit in on several meetings where we were exposed to some very influential people while in D.C. Because of this, I learned so much about how various industries work with lawmakers to influence policy."

Jordan Ceasar

"If there was any advice I could leave for future interns, it would be to be open-minded and learn everything that you can.  You will get a firsthand look at politics, but the true lesson is about leadership.  Take initiative and don’t be afraid to jump in to offer a hand to the Congresswoman and staff."      

Jaleesa Cole

"I enjoyed being able to see the daily office operations of my member of Congress. We often do not see the hard work that goes into assisting a member of Congress and helping to meet constituents’ needs.  Being able to help my Congresswoman serve her constituents and make a difference was my favorite part of the job.        "      

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